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If you are a company executive or just an ordinary businessman who wish to reach a huge number of your targeted audience, having a fresh opt-in email database must be on the top of your list of priorities. As a businessman, you will surely realize the forthcomings of being sustained with a prepared and updated email list that is useful for your business. You don’t only have the ready-list of prospective customers, but it is also kept updated to give you an idea whether or not a certain recipient belongs to the segment that you target.
While email list is considered as the main elements of every marketing campaign, email database has become the most useful advertising tool used for email promotion. Nowadays, almost every marketer looks forward to purchasing updated and fresh email database this 2014 to market their services or products in the most efficient way.
This is exactly what is offered to you by Email Database Worldwide. Email Database Worldwide is a trusted and leading provider of high-quality mailing lists, which include business mailing and consumer mailing that are both affordable and accurate. This provider offers the most valuable and affordable direct mailing lists found on the internet today. It offers worldwide email databases with direct mailing lists to assure just about any of your telemarketing or mailing requirements.
With our 2014 email database, you can gain an access to the latest and most reliable mailing lists available in the market today. Only here will you be able to take advantage of a more daily updated, inclusive opt-in database that consists of more than hundreds and thousands of business lists and consumers to pick from. Having Email Database Worldwide at your disposal will give you the chance to locate a list of professionals you can get assistance from for building your most efficient list. With their help, you can customize and synthesize the precise mailing list you require based on particular criteria like industry, financial, geography and so much more! This is extremely advantageous for people having businesses relevant to trade. Through sending Satisfaction Guaranteed marketing targeted newsletters or emails, you may greatly increase your sales. This can be the most comprehensive and applicable list of individual email contacts that are found online. In the list of World Email Databases, you will find lots of prospective buyers and customers coming from around the globe, covering every age group with a total of over 900 million emails.
With such a huge number of potential receivers of your emails or newsletters, it is highly possible for your company, product or service to become recognized worldwide. This makes popularity or recognition another benefit you can get from having an updated email database.
Therefore, if you want to keep an updated 2014 email database for your company, looking at the services offered by Email Database Worldwide must be a good choice. We are also offering list management, mailing list database, email list, marketing services and list brokerage for over nine years now, so we are more than aware that you will be delighted with the expertise and service they will offer you. So, never miss to check out their latest and most updated email database!

We also sell Geo-Targeted Country emails Lists for only 150 EUR Email List packages available by Country


How are the databases compiled?

An Email List is a complete database of email addresses exclusively. It is created with the aim of being a simple, economic and pratical database which allows any company to easily find new costumers in all countries. Our data is constructed and updated through data collection, Network partners (Business of telemarketing, regional and sectoral portals) and 7000 Yellow Page and Business White Page Directories, Federal, State, City and County Government Data Bankruptcy, Trade Associations , Leading business magazines, newspapers and company newsletters , New business registration and incorporations. We also have over 1000 ( and increasing ) websites on the Internet which collect Opt-In emails via newsletters, subscription sign ups and surveys. All our lists are complied and put together from the previous week which makes them the freshest and most up to date on the Internet.

Can I send out any offer or product to the email databases?

Yes! All our Opt-Ins have agreed to be contacted by 3rd parties with different offers and products. To comply with the CAN-SPAM act, all you need to do is offer the recipient the option to unsubscribe. If we are sending the emails out for you we will take care of everything and email you a detailed report of the people who unsubscribed, opened, clicked through etc. You can purchase the database in two ways: in Microsoft Word or in Excel.

How is the Database formatted?

The standard format is Microsoft Excel .xls format. and Notepad .txt files. Because of the size of the consumer data files, we have formatted them in .txt file format. which should be imported directly into an Access Database.

How is the databases delivered? Are the lists an instant download? How long does it take to be sent my fresh email list once my payment is approved?

Yes, we offer instant downloads as soon as the payment is confirmed locally or by online confirmation order. During normal business hours a download link will be emailed immediately as an order is being processed. Off business hours orders will be processed the following day. Payment is confirmed during normal business hours only as per the local time in case of Western union or Moneygram. Please note that orders sometimes might be delivered after 1 hour if the lists needs to be updated before sending.

When was this list created and how long new versions are updated?

The Database of emails began to be established in Nov 20 2013. Since then and now is being constantly updated by our team, becoming increasingly full in terms of quantity validation of the emails in terms of reliability the same. It´s currently being updated a new version from 5 to 6 weeks.

What degree of reliability of this list of email addresses?

Taking into account that we have been careful with the updates, as a rule all the information is maintained over time with a reliability above 97%.

How can I pay for my List? Can I pay with my credit card?

Payments can be made via Mastercard or Visa card on this website. The orders are processed in a secure environment, using the protocol with 256-Bit SSL Secure Payment Server. Encryption is certified by Paypal (www.paypal.com). We provide instant download details to your email address once the payment is approved.

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